Spatial Stories Coaching

Individual sessions and group workshops

Spatial stories are a tool that can be used by anyone, independently of their background and writing or drawing skills. Our lives are immersed in space and stories, and combining these two elements can help creativity. As an architect, writer, and artist, I learned how frustrating it can be to be creative and productive when you have a deadline. As an educator, editor, project manager, and curator, I learned how it is possible to support the creative process while providing constructive criticism. During individual coaching sessions and group workshops, I use different exercises combining tools from design, storytelling, creative writing, deep listening, and world-building, in order to harness the relationship between stories and spaces towards the creative process. It doesn’t matter what kind of creative work you do: Spatial stories can help you think and create from a different perspective. 


The workshops I offer to schools, academies, universities and private organisations can be in person or online, and differ in focus and length depending on the participants. Students or professionals from different disciplines can participate together and benefit from each other’s presence. Using material from the world of architecture, art, literature and theory, I can adapt exercises, tools, and end results to the participants and to the goal of the workshop. During the workshop, exercises are usually carried out individually, in pairs or in small groups, and are always discussed with the whole group. The workshops nurture each participant’s creative growth and are an amazing way to support mutual learning, providing the group with new tools to collaborate and co-create. 

Individual coaching

After several years of guiding art students through their creative process in studio and graduation projects, and assessing their academic and practical experience, both at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and the Rietveld Academy, I successfully started working with creative professionals. Without relying on a standardised method, I adapt to different people and necessities to provide support. Drawing from a wide range of material from the world of architecture, art, literature and theory, the sessions provide a safe space for brainstorming, self-reflection, and creative thinking; after the session, I usually complement the work done with constructive feedback, working prompts and references for interesting resources. The aim of the work is to create the perfect conditions for creative growth. Whether you need support for a specific project, or to unlock the next phase of your creative life, Spatial Stories can help your process.